Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello to all you bloggers out there who have an interest in the well being of children. I am excited to share with you through my newly designed website, what I’ve learned over the years about children, feelings and growing healthy adults. The Internet is quite an incredible vehicle in which to connect with each other. People all over the globe can discover the universal world of feelings and how to influence peace on the planet through reflection, self-improvement and taking action.

After working with children and adults for nearly twenty years it is quite evident that a dysfunctional child comes from a dysfunctional parent. That parent did their best with the tools he/she had to work with (if any) at the time. But now we are in the 21st century and have the the most efficient tools to help mold a child’s life into one of self-reliance, self-accountability and knowing their true nature.

A child grows up believing what she/he has been exposed to. Such a simple truth, yet remains an enigma to so many. A child learns low self-esteem in much the same way the parent acquired it. It’s a part of a continual lineage of negative energy heard by the child through her life—starting at childhood. “I should have never been a mother,” is not what you want to be telling your child. If a mother thinks it more than once, then seek qualified help – and fast. Your child does not deserve to be exposed to that energy.

It’s never too early to expose your child to a feelings vocabulary. Learn together and grow together. One of the first books I sold in 1990 was to a woman who purchased it for her 30-year old husband. “He is so out of touch with his feelings that he needs an elementary way of learning about this denied part of himself.”

The quote in the front on The Feelings Storybook says, “There is nothing that effects a child’s life more than the unfulfilled life of an adult.” Cark Jung was right on.

I look forward to providing the visitors on my site with pertinent information about the well-being of children and how to become a more responsible parent, relative, care provider, educator, professional and friend to a child.